Version 1.0.3 - 02.24.2004

Minor bug fix for CSSFrames. Safari does not seem to handle floats correctly (Or I am stupid). Subsequent text after the float search box retains the inner margin even though both are both by a div. Added a style="clear:both; border: 0;" in a div statement to break the margin back out.

Version: 1.0.1

Added following options to ini file:

includeini= file or include= file

This lets you include another ini file from the first one. Each ini file can include another. The second ini file can in turn include a third and so forth. Don't get carried away though. I use this feature on the demo page.

Remember that YoDJ looks for an ini file with the same base-name as YoDJ program. So YoDJ.php looks for YoDJ.ini. if you rename YoDJ.php to foo.php, it will look for foo.ini. This allows you to run multiple YoDJ "Sites" from the same web directory and the include option allows you to share common ini settings.

Only one include per file is allowed.


By default, YoDJ will detect the referring page that linked to YoDJ. In other words, if you have a link in a web page, YoDJ will automatically show a HOME button that takes the user back to that page. If you want to override the referring url that YoDJ uses, you can do so with this setting. Under normal circumstances you won't use this. I use it on my demo page.


This disables the HOME button in YoDJ. If you set this to true, the HOME button will not appear when YoDJ is launched from a web page link. This option was added for completeness. Under normal circumstances, the HOME button is a real convenience to your users.

Sample Skins or StyleSheets

The web site now has a collection of styleSheet that you can download. If you come up with one that you want to share, email it and I will add it.


Added an FAQ file with useful hints to the website. There is an entry there that explains how I use some of the above features for the online demo.


Sadly, not too many people are registering their copy of YoDJ. I hate to cripple it in any way, but the demo version will randomly display a "This is a Demo version, Press Button to Continue" page.

Version .98.9 - 12.01.2003

Version .98.7 - 11.06.03

Version .98.6 - 10.29.03

Version .98.3 - 10.24.03

  • Last Microsoft Bug fix screwed up YoDJ when it is running under IIS and talking to Internet Explorer. This only effected IIS talking to IE - any other browser or web server combination was fine. I just love those guys!
  • Someone asked if YoDJ supports AAC / M4A files. Sure It does! It was off by default. The default was only MP3, so I added AAC /M4A to the default settings.

    This can be turned off by just setting the goodtypes value in the INI file to just MP3. Keep in mind that AAC support is somewhat limited. iTunes supports it on both OSX and Windows. WinAmp will probably have a driver shortly. Windows Media Player does not and probably never will.

  • Version: 98.2 - 10.21.03













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